I bet you have already heard about this game, Snow Bros as it was the one of the most famous and iconic game that you might have played for hours in your childhood. Well, the game is not available on a variety of other platforms besides SEGA and other 16 bit gaming consoles. In case you are a modern era person, personified with techie games of present times, do not consider yourself to be in isolation as you will too be blown off playing this amazing game on your PC. The game is more like an adventure game with humungous number of levels that needs to be played one after the other.


What’s so interesting?

Snow Bros is quite an interesting game, although candidly speaking if you haven’t played the game ever since in your life; you might find it unusually stupid and ugliest game. Still the game is awesome with its old memories and faster game play. SnowBros was initially available for the 16/8 bit gaming consoles, lately it you might have found it on some other similar consoles too. Well, it is not that you can also download the game for you mobile devices and so on your computers.

Snow Bros (Japan)

Talking about the computers, there are numerous ways of getting it available on your PC. You can make use of emulators such as android emulator, Nintendo emulator or simple a NES emulator. Nes emulator being the most simple and the most pure and exact form though.

Game Plot:

Snow Bros sets up in an ice age, well not actually but sounds like that. Anyways, your mission is to rescue the princess from the evil character of the game, who wishes to have control over your territory and so the world.


You plays as a snowman, actually the was specifically to be played with two players as the name is set ‘SnowBros’, it can be played single player too though. The two snowmen Nick and Tom, needs to save the princess and so the worlds. Through their journey there will be various stages and enemies that they will be facing, which adds a very important twist in the game.

Game Play:

The game is neatly distributed into levels, which comprises of around 50. You will need to complete each level so as to move further to upper levels. The game system is organized on the basis of lives and credits, which further implies that there will be some credits consisting of 3 lives each credit. You lose a life when an enemy catches you or more specifically even touches you somehow, so just avoid such circumstances.


Enemies, there are many kinds that you will be amazed to see. Some of them include monkeys that will throw lava, bulls like creature and so on. Well, enemies are made to be dead. As you are playing as a snowman, you have the power of throwing snowballs on the so called enemies. This will eventually turn them to big snowballs. You can now easily kill them by just a push towards the walls. These will be the enemies that you will come across during all levels. After every 10 levels you will have to face a boss level, which is quite difficult to pass.

Besides all this, there are powers which are ultimate and form the basis of awesomeness of the game. You can get the powers by killing the multiple enemies at once. There is a special color convention for the powers as ‘Red will boost your running speed’, ‘Blue will make the snow thrown thicker’, ‘Yellow will increase the distance of the snow thrown’ and ‘Green is kind of God Mode that will allow you to kill all enemies with just a touch.