Those who are fond of car racing games, here is the new and interesting game, Real Racing 3. It is one of the most popular racing games available in Play store. You can spend your time and have some great outing in the game of real world. The experience while playing this is quite realistic and the graphics are just too good. This game is free of cost and you can spend hours playing this.

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There are lots of cars from where you can choose one. Plenty of tracks and events make Real Racing 3 the best game to play on your device. You even have the option to go online and compete with your friends or opponents from other regions as well. Additionally, you can also play it on your Macs too. Before you get to know about how to install Real Racing on Mac, let’s first see the gameplay.

Gameplay of Real Racing 3

Whenever you want to play the game, you need to buy the starting car, i.e. Nissan Silvia S15 or Ford Focus RS. The whole game is divided into many tiers which are further divided into races. There are 52 series in the game and there are 17-19 tiers in each series followed by 1-3 races in each tier. Each series is completed when the player purchases all the usable cars for that series. On completion of series, Real dollars (R$) and gold coins can be earned.

Here gold, silver and bronze medals are given when you clear the races of a particular tier. In this game, service and maintenance of cars has to been done which takes more time, and then there is option of opting for VIP service through which wait time required to get service of your car is removed and you will get service instantly. There are ten different kinds of races in Real Racing 3. These are cup, elimination, endurance, head to head, autocross, speed record, speed snap, drag race, hunter and the time trail. There are seven control methods which can be used by the player to play this game. The player can even hire the crew members like manager, agent or an auto engineer, by giving one gold coin for each.

How to Download Real Racing 3 on Mac?

To play this super exciting game, Real Racing 3 on Mac, you need to download an Android Emulator, Bluestacks. The detailed instructions are given below.

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  1. Download and install Bluestacks first.
  2. This will install the Bluestacks.
  3. Open it and click on search box.
  4. Search for Real Racing 3 and download the game.
  5. Install it and run the game.
  6. Your game is ready to play and use the Keyboard Arrow keys and Space bar to control the game

This game is of 1 GB so, can take about 15-20 minutes time to download which mainly depends on the speed of your internet.

I am sure you will find this game as one of best car racing games with excellent presentation and incredibly polished graphics. One of the best things about Real Racing 3 is that it is free of cost. Download Real Racing 3 for Mac today!