The official works, presentations and many projects seriously can’t be done without Microsoft Office. But there are many office tools except Microsoft Office that makes this easy and more appropriate. LibreOffice is one of them.


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What Is Libre Office Viewer?

Initially Libre Office was released in 2011 in the month of January. Soon it took over its deserving popularity within a very short span of time. And soon the Android devices too got this in the form of an easy and flexible app from the official Google Play Store. While providing a whole lot of exciting features, LibreOffice is absolutely free. It has been designed with same features or programs including writer, calculator, draw along with many more. With this app on your smartphone, you can easily impress your boss with your presentations. For making things simpler on the go, this app also offers math formula editor, and some of the included and supported files covers complete range of formats.

Now LibreOffice 4.1 has been updated with the same listed programs, but what make its more different is the added useful new features. Unlike many other suites, in LibreOffice Viewer, there are more variants of a single language. English, an international language is not only used in U.S and U.K interface, but also with a South African variant as well. Not only that, you can also have the Spanish and French dictionaries as well, only to make sure that you are able to work perfectly.

The Best Suite You Can Get:

Undoubtedly, LibreOffice Viewer proves to be the best alternative for Microsoft. While allowing you to create and edit your most important documents. The user friendly clean interface and the crisp display, with many tools, in each section lets you manage and use this app in your respective smartphone smoothly. It seriously doesn’t matter if you are working back at home or you are travelling, as long as you have this app loaded in your device, doing any important stuff is seriously easy. For a convenient and a smooth working ordeal, this app actually makes the use of the same engine that is used for LibreOffice on systems like Windows and Linux.

Getting It On Mac:

LibreOffice Viewer is seriously an easy app for the smartphone owners. But using the same version on your Mac can demand more steps. Thus the following procedure is the solution:


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  1. Make sure you get Bluestacks, the best and the most trusted Android emulator, downloaded and definitely installed on your Mac. Firstly, download from here.
  2. Now open this newly introduced emulator and look out for LibreOffice Viewer by typing on the in-built search bar.
  3. After getting the app, just hit to download and install the same.
  4. Now you need to wait depending on the internet connection, and once the app gets installed, access it directly from the My Apps section of Bluestacks.