Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a game that needs no introduction as you might have already played it hours a day. The game was originally developed for gaming consoles specifically Play Station 2 as a starter. Though there were previously developed games in the same hierarchy including GTA Vice city and its predecessor too. Still, San Andreas got something extra that made it break all previous records set by any of game. Later on, there were more records that were broken by some other games including God of War, Here come the Pain etc.; when talking about games for PS-2.

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The game became more viral when launched for PC’s, although there were a major portion of the users who had already tried their hands off the game, still playing on PC is much cooler and do not require you to have gaming consoles.

A Third Person Perspective Game

Yeah! The game is totally based on third person view. Well, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of such terms as you are gamer not a developer. Still, just spreading a word; such are the types of games that require 3D modeling with 360 degree view angle centered on the game protagonist. Ahh! Sounds bit confusing. Simply you will be able to view the things around your character by moving analog stick or a mouse.

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The game sets off in a virtual world containing 3 cities Las Venturas, Los Santos and San Fierro; though they have been modeled after real world cities Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco respectively. The game is pretty much happening as you can notice people around and can even interact with them. The game is more like having a virtual personal with no rules and regulation, and even unharmed by the government authorities as you can use certain cheat codes too.

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Interaction with the Game, Objectives and Challenges

GTA San Andreas is more on how real bad guys interact with the world, as you will be playing as a bad guy. The preface of the game sets up when the protagonist Carl Johnson ‘CJ’ sets free from the jail. He founds his mother dead due to some unknown reason. Soon, he builds his mark in the city by joining certain gangs already prevailing in the city. The story line seems a bit fuzzy, though nobody cares as the game is hell awesome.

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There are various objectives and mission that you will need to complete, so as to complete the game. There are various cars, bikes, trucks, etc that you can drive. Actually, you can drive every single object plying down the roads of the city. Additionally, there are cheat codes that makes the USP of the game for eg. Typing ‘Rocketman’ will have you wear a jetpack and now you can fly without wings. These are some remarkable features of the game that made it stand out among all.

Minimum System Configuration:

  • Processor: At least P4 clocked at any speed.
  • RAM: At least 1 Gb for faster operation.
  • Graphics Memory: Internal GPU might work though with some glitches; consider having at least 128 MB GPU.
  • Disk Space: Around 1 GB.