Corel Draw is one of the most old and the finest product when talking about the category of graphics editor applications. The software has many exciting features that enable a graphics designer to ease the process of graphic creation and modification. Though, there are much more advanced sort of applications available in the market in the form of Adobe illustrator and Fireworks; still Corel has managed a relative position in the market all owing its extensive applications and features. This application has all the important tools and plugins that would be required to perform a certain task of graphic creation. Corel Draw 12 is the 12th edition of the application that was made available in the market in the end of year 2011.

So, what does actually this application offers?


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Tools, Plugins and Extensions:

A graphic editor tool is expected to be consisting of all the essential tools from the perspective of stylizing a graphics and of course creating a new. You can easily transform, crop, resize, adjust certain colors, use a lasso tool and much more; using this application. Well, these were the common features that you can easily find in a Smartphone app too. Corel Draw has got features a way beyond such things. You can easily work on vectors and create the same too, as there are certain dedicated tools for its creation. Besides there is a 3D transformation tool that will help you working on 3D vectors and shapes, this is the feature a bit of importance as of now, since the technique is now being prevalently used by the designers.


In case you have a project going on some other applications such as illustrator you can easily import the project files on Corel Draw as it supports all the file type used in illustrator including PSD files too. This is quite a Distincting feature that you cannot find in some apps excluding adobe’s frameworks. Creating a new project is a bit simpler too as you can easily figure out its simple navigations and key controls, thus easing the process.

Comparison with Other Applications:


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There are some other apps too that resides in the same category of Corel Draw as described earlier namely Adobe Illustrator, Fireworks and Xara Studio. Among all of such apps illustrator is the most used application for the cause, though it cannot alone do all the amazing stuff as your are thinking off as the product has widely distributed its features among all of its products including Photoshop too. In case of corel, it is not so as it is an all in one application that would eventually offer you all of the tools found collectively in adobe’s products.

Minimum PC Requirement:

Before getting on to download and install Corel Draw 12 on your PC, make sure your PC follows the prescribed configuration criteria:

  • Processor: Should be at least Dual Core Pentium 4.
  • Clock Speed: Configured to at least 1.8 GHz; work best on 2.2 GHz or above.
  • RAM: Works good on 512 MB RAM, though 1 GB is recommended when using on professional basis.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/7/8/8.1
  • Disk Space: Make sure to have 2 GB of space free on your installation drive.