Flipboard is one of the finest apps which is your personal magazine and is being used by millions of people everyday all over the world. You can store enormous number of stories, photos and videos of your interest in the app. Also, if you just want to know the highlights, you can just click on the top ten stories and you are done! Now, collecting and sharing stories has become very easy with Flipboard.

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Through this app, you can easily follow the news and stories you care about and can even share the videos, photos and stories with your friends. Even the new topics, people whom you find interesting to follow or even your favourite magazine, can be added in your personal magazine Flipboard.

Features Of Flipboard On Mac:

It is a free app where you can even find the news from all the world class publications like the Guardian, the Telegraph, and the Financial Times, etc. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram can be connected and photos can be easily shared with your friends. All these accounts can be combined together into one easy-to-use interface and thus, all the information which you need is easily available on your device.

On very first visit to Flipboard, you need to create an account which will store all the subscriptions of yours. You can even choose from the options of either opening a new account or connecting the Facebook / Twitter account to the app. So, this is the place where you can add anything informative or connect your social media accounts or read stories from Flipboard editors. After creating your account, everything would be organized according to your preferred topics and according to the popularity. If you want to read anything, go to the feed and then tap on the column to read the story which can be shared or added to your favourite list for later viewing.

If you want to collect stories which you liked a lot, then tap the ‘+’ button and select “create a magazine’ and collect all stories, images and videos which you like. You can easily manage all the magazines at one place i.e. dashboard from where you can easily search for whatever magazine you want to read. To know what is happening in all the things you are following, go to home button. Editions from 24 countries can be viewed in Flipboard. From the share.flipboard.com, you can easily add the contents from the web to your magazine.

Download Flipboard On Mac:

For this all you to need to do is to install the Android emulator Bluestacks on your Mac to download Flipboard. Bluestacks which is used by millions of people all over the world is the best emulator for any operating system to install an android app or play an android game. Detailed procedure is mentioned below.

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  • Download and install Bluestacks from here. Google account details would be asked while downloading. Fill them according to the requirement.
  • Right on the top corner of Bluestacks window, there’s a search box. Just type Flipboard in it and wait for the results to appear.
  • Download it on your Mac and install it whenever you want to use it.

Download Flipboard on your Mac within a fraction of second by clicking on the button placed below.