Guide : How To Download Whatsapp for Bada Samsung Mobile phone free Chat/Wave all Models : The most popular mobile Internet messenger WhatsApp is getting more crazed these days among the smartphone users due to its acquisition by Facebook.It has been downloaded millions of times from Play store and also available for Windows phone, Symbian and iOS.On the first download, it provides you a free service of one whole year, after that it charges $0.99 which is nothing in front of its features.

Facebook have changed many things in it after its acquisition, including Facebook-like statuses and like button on profile picture.Although WhatsApp’s new update has got many new features, like invisible mode (which can be done in few steps), last seen option change, etc, but still many users prefers the previous version of this application.As already told above, that it only supports a limited number of platform and mostly used by smartphone users, but what about a normal-phone user ? Like Nowadays Samsung is making some really affordable chat and other Bada Os – Enabled phones, which don’t even have listed on WhatsApp’s support list.

Can such bada users Download Whatsapp for bada Samsung Mobile phone ?? There is a way it can be done.I’m sharing a way via which you can easy download and install WhatsApp For Bada Samsung Phones like Chat, chat Duos, Wave and all bada enabled phones.

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Download Whatsapp For Bada Features

Before going ahead, I want to let you all know about the features of whatsapp for bada, so that you’ll get more curious abot it.

  • You can send unlimited text messages to any whatsapp user in the world for free
  • You can send Unlimited Voice messages to any Whatsapp user.
  • You can send and receive unlimited number of wallpapers, photos, videos and other files
  • You can do all these stuffs using very less amount of your data packs.
Download Whatsapp for Bada Samsung Mobile phone

Download Whatsapp for Bada Samsung Mobile


How to Download Whatsapp for Bada

Now, that you’ve read all the features of Whatsapp for bada, we’re ready to move to our main guide.Firstly, you need this download .jar file and .exe file for whatsapp for bada in the end of this article.

  1. Connect your Bada phone to your computer using USB
  2. Transfer both the .jar and .exe files
  3. Unplug the USB and restart your mobile phone
  4. Install the downloaded file

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Using this Guide, you can absolutely Download WhatsApp For Bada Samsung mobile phones

like chat and wave for free.If you have any kind of doubt(s), feel free to ask in the comments below and make sure that you restart your device before installing the downloaded .jar and .exe files. Enjoy !