The Room Two is the sequel of one of the most enjoyed games ‘The Room’ and is developed by Fireproof Studios. It is an amazing puzzle game that entertains you even after playing for days. The puzzle adventure is made for touch screen devices and includes mysterious storyline, incredible graphics, complex puzzles and eerie atmospheric sound effects. All these effects are definitely going to give you chills. The Room Two is the improved version of the initial game where all the aspects are taken care of.  Graphics are much better than the previous one and there are more puzzles to solve.



The Room Two starts with an ornate box in a dark room which boosts your curiosity. You need to open the box to see what’s inside it and with the help of written notes or hidden objects it’s quite easy to search the room. The box has more of moving panel, countless switches and other things which you need to solve to move on to the next room. Often there is more than one object with which you need to interact with and all the objects are interconnected with each other. In this game, the solution can be anywhere in the room, so you need to keep on checking again and again whatever you see in the room. It is made for touch screen, so to know how an area works, double tap on that which makes it to zoom and pinch gesture lets it to zoom out. As you proceed in the game and solve the puzzles, you can find letters and journal entries by the others who seem to solve the mystery before you started to do so. These letters contains the storyline and the specific clues about the room. The graphics used in the game are very smooth and all the objects used seem to be real. The Room Two is surely has bigger and better features than the previous one.

There is one problem which is faced by the players is about the camera zooming. When you try to move some objects to have a better look, it is not possible as some of the objects are meant to be seen in the specific ways only. Other than that, it’s a perfect game for you to play it on your smartphones. But what if you were said that you can even play this game on your Macs? Yes, there’s a simple way to make it possible. Here is what you’ve to do!


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How to get The Room Two on Mac?

All you need to do is download Bluestacks on your device. It is just perfect Android Emulator for any device. After installing it, search for The Room Two on the search bar. Download and install it on your Mac system. Once it is done, go ahead and play the most interesting game. Internet speed should be taken care of while downloading. The connection should be fast for speedy download of the game.

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It is not just the typical puzzle game but you need to think deeply and hurt your head to open the box and win the game. I am sure this game will let you pull your hair in knowing the next step. The storytelling is just thrilling with more puzzles to solve. So what keeps you waiting? Download The Room Two for Mac right now!