Dead Trigger 2 is an action shooting game for Android. It is by far one of the best shooting games that you might have seen or played on your Android device. It has loads of functions and Gameplay that you might be blown off by. This game is a sequel to its first version; the sequel had some more advanced functions, weapons and arenas. As all the shooting games involves in extreme shooting actions with 3D graphics and first person shooting experience, the same is the case of Dead Trigger 2, however with some spectacular graphics and Gameplay.


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The main concept in the game is being a ‘Zombie Shooter’.

Yeah! You will be playing along to kill people who are already dead. Dead Trigger 2 was considered as an upgraded version of its sequel, although it is true to a certain extent only when we talk about the name of the game. The graphics depth and Gameplay of the game were quite similar to its previous versions. Also, there were times when you could not differentiate between both the versions of the game.


Talking about the ammunition in the game, all of these were quite similar to what you might have already been using in the first variant of the game. Here in the game you play as a team where you will have to control all of the players, their ammos and their movement. At times it becomes really difficult to play with all of these. There are many controls that will be needed to get hold on. However, there will be times when you will be confused about the controls because of the plots, which will keep to engaged.

Dead Trigger 2 for PC

Dead Trigger 2 is an Android game. It is also available for some other mobile operating systems such as iOS and Windows Phone too. It is not officially available for windows based PC or some other similar operating system for PC. Still, if you’re getting eager enough to play this spectacular game on your PC then it is possible. We can make use of some emulator applications to play Dead Trigger 2 on PC.


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As Dead Trigger 2 is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phones, we have to use emulator for any one of the following mobile operating systems. For iOS and Windows, no such applications are known, however, there are many such applications for Android. Some of the Android emulators include Bluestacks, Andy and Youwave.


Here we will be using Bluestacks as it is the most recommended Android emulator. To get Dead Trigger 2 for PC using Bluestacks, you will need to follow the steps:

  • Download and install Bluestacks on your PC.
  • Open Bluestacks and search for ‘Dead Trigger 2’ in Bluestacks.
  • Download and install Dead Trigger 2 using the link found above.
  • Open Dead Trigger 2 using the Bluestacks app list.

This method will require a working internet connection, to be able to download the game from internet. If you do not have a working internet connection then you can try installing the game using the apk file of the game. For this, just open the apk file of Dead Trigger 2 using the bluestack’s apk file handler.

Also, make sure that your graphic card is updated before installing Bluestacks. In case of any difficulties in getting Dead Trigger 2 for PC, you can always drop your issues in the comment box below!