Android is the most used operating system, when it comes to the mobile operating system. Besides a sign of trust coming straight from Google, the OS has so many other amazing things that it offers to its users. The same is the reason why people are now searching out ways to experience this spectacular OS onto their computers. This is quite simple to do as there are specific software’s already developed that allows to have this OS on their computers. Such piece of applications are known as ‘Android Emulators’. There are many android emulators developed that works in a similar fashion allowing you to experience all the awesomeness of the OS. Bluestack is one among them all, which is considered as the best for the cause.


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Bluestack: History

Bluestack is an Android emulator developed by some silicon-based company set up in 2011. The idea behind the app was to provide Android environment to the users. The first ever version of the Bluestack was released in May, 2011, of which the official announcement was made by Mark Templeton at a conference in San Francisco. The first ever version of the Bluestack for Mac OS was available in December, 2012. It was firstly available as a freeware application when in beta version, although as of now it is not completely free application. There are some subscription charges that has been put on the application, however, they can also be bypassed by downloading some sponsored applications.

What’s In The Package?

Bluestack was developed with the sole purpose of providing an Android environment to the users. The suite comprised of mainly two applications namely the ‘App Player’ and the ‘Cloud Sync’. Both of these works in conjunction with each other while providing different functions. App player is the base part which contained all the mechanism of Android emulation and Android virtualization. While the cloud sync was specifically incorporated to use for users who wish to back up their important data onto the cloud servers provided by the Bluestack for free.

Bluestack was initially released with Android Gingerbread version 2.3.3 and remained until it exited its beta version. AS of now it is running on Android jelly bean. Besides providing an Android environment, the application also allows you to run any Android app or game on the respective system on which it is installed. This is even more engaging for the users and is currently the most prominent way of using this Android emulator.


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Where It Can Be Used?

It can be used anywhere you wish to incorporate Android apps or games or just its environment. Its usage can be as simple as to just play some addictive game or to chat with your friends on WhatsApp by installing it on your computers. Besides, it can also be used by the developers for testing their apps or games; although there is eclipse already available for them, still Bluestack can also be used for some interactive applications.

Bluestack is available freely across the web in two variants that is online installer and offline installer. There is not any difference between both of them, but using offline installer is recommended and you can download it from the link bellow !