Badland is a side scrolling game based on a completely new format. This can also be considered as a runner game, although with an end as there are various levels in the game. The game was developed by Frogmind games, initially developed for iOS users. Later the game was made available for Android and Windows Mobiles too. Badland has also won many innovation awards prior to its release for the iOS. As described by the developers, it is an atmospheric-side-scrolling action-adventure game. The physics of the game is quite compelling and can be related to what you might have seen in the games like Flappy Bird and gravity.


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Game Plot:

Badland is set off in mysterious forest where your character resides. Initially all appears perfect in the forest with all the plants and tree and the living beings inhabiting in the forest. Suddenly something happens and turns all the things dead, thereby converting the whole forest into a badland. The same is the reason why the game has been named ‘Badland’. Later on it is discovered that this has happened due to unknown machine which has been set on in the forest. This machine when turned on mysteriously turns the whole forest and the inhabitants of the forest to dead. Same has been happened to your creatures and it has turned to some unknown creatures which can fly and jump using its fins. Your creature has been transformed in looks as well; it looks more like a fumed black creature.


Badland is an interesting game, and it has been divided into several levels. The main objective in the game is to survive in the forest and make your way to the checkpoint in the game. When started for the first time you will be briefed about the game and its controls. There is only one control in the game, which is just a screen tap. This tap will make your little creatures take short jump spans which can also be considered as flying. As the game is a side scrolling type, you will be moving horizontally. There is a timer which you can observe as the screen is moving horizontally, and you need to synchronize your movements with it in order to be alive. Your creature can also be dead if it comes in contact with certain explodable objects.

Powers and levels:

There are around 80 playable levels in the game, divided into equal stacks. The difficulty level increases gradually initially from the starting till the end. Powers are quite less in the game, but interesting at the same time. One will make you big, while the other will bring you back to the initial state or make you even smaller. There is also a power up that will create your clones. These powers will be found during the gameplay and will attract to you as you pass through them.


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How to Play Badland on Mac?

Badland can be played on Mac using the following process below illustrated:

  • Download Bluestack using the link here and install using the package so downloaded.
  • Open the installed software and make a search for ‘Badland’.
  • Observe the search results and click on the official link of the game.
  • Game will now start downloading so wait till the downloading and installation process gets completed.
  • Hurray! You have now successfully installed the game on your Mac.