Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is a sequel to its previous Black Ops series, and is a first person shooting game type. The game is developed by ‘Treyarch’ and published by ‘Activision’. The launch of the game was quite widespread as was launched on different dates throughout the world. You can play this game on various gaming consoles including Xbox 360, Play station 3 and Microsoft Windows too. Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 was quite viral, although seemed to quite unsuccessful initially. As time paced game showed its true colors and so around 24.2 million copies of the game were sold by 2013 in US alone; these figures were quite huge as compared to other such games.


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Two Timelines in One Game!

Crazy it may seem, but the game is made as a combination of two different timelines. This is quite innovative and a most excellent way to join the previous story with the new one. I don’t know whether you have played Call of Duty Black Ops or not, in case you have played it would be rather interesting to play as the previous protagonist Alex Mason. The first game play is set off in first cold war in the year 1986 to 1989. Here you have to play as Alex Mason to victimize the mission of Raul Menendez. During this game play, all of the thing will be quite usually as you will notice the game to be set off in the old days.

The second gamely is set off in the future, specifically in 2025. This is a hypothetical situation of a new cold war. Here you will play as David Mason, Alex’s son. Although, the main antagonist is still Raul Menendez. This is quite a paradoxical hypothesis, how Raul Menendez managed to hold his age to fight with Mason’s son David. Anyways, in the future years, Raul tries to create a disturbance in the well settled relations of US and china, consequently Cold-War like situations arises. This would get worse if anything would not be done, and so the thrilling gameplay starts.

Mission Ending:

Endings are not made same, which was an innovative step introduced in the game. The successful completion of the missions would land you somewhere in one case and to some other conclusion in the other. All of these ending are based on a list of various game play activities, the most prominent being the way you end inclusive missions. Having a deep insight on the game will actually tell you what to do to end up with a specific storyline, although for this you might need to end the game various times.


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Minimum Requirements:

  1. Windows XP is unsupported for the game, run on Vista or greater including Windows 8 or Windows 7.
  2. Intel Dual Core or AMD X3 with 2.66 GHz clocking speed is least requirement.
  3. 4 GB RAM for 64 bit OS while 2 GB for 32 bit.
  4. 16 GB free hard drive space.
  5. 512 MB graphics memory.
  6. Directx 11.

If you have got all this minimum requirements, go ahead and hit the download button below to get Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 on your PC!