AutoCAD is an application used for creating and editing designs based on CAD principles. CAD or Computer Aided Drafting has been in the existence since the initial years of the digital era and so is the application. AutoCAD forms an integral part of the Autodesk Corporation, who is its developers. The software came into existence in around 1970’s which was named as Interact CAD. This application was later rebranded as AutoCAD and released by Autodesk INC in 1982. Now there are almost 28 editions of this spectacular application already launched in the market and then next will also be rolling out soon. AutoCAD 2014 came up in the March 2013, with the introduction of some creative ideas hard coded and implemented to the graphical interface, while retaining the previously developed tools and presets.

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AutoCAD 2014 is a straightforward tool that helps its users to create stunning design using the concept of Computer Aided Designing. CAD is used to produce designs in civil and mechanical engineering prospects. The simplest tool in the area of CAD is AutoCAD which comes directly for Autodesk. AutoCAD 2014 is a spectacular application with great features and tools. There many new functions that have been added to the same application whether in the concept of command line or the interface.

Talking about the interface, there is a major change that has been made in this field. The whole of the interface looks fresh and perfect with all the improvisation of the menu to its transformation to ‘Ribbon Menu’. Ribbon menu is coded in order to make the application work in conjunction to the latest version of the Microsoft windows that is windows 8/8.1. Also, it is comparably simple to use ribbon menu than that of using previous menu. Besides this the base colouring scheme of the application has also been changed to black ant its various shades. This modification has been made keeping in view the users fatigue, which according to the researchers can be decreased to a considerable amount by changing the theme colour. For this black is considered the most suitable and has been already adopted by some prestigious applications like Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Besides interface there are some additions that have been made in command line. As command line is the most suitable way of designing as you can actually hard code the full structure by command line. One of important updation that has been made in the command line is the introduction of auto corrections and auto complete. In auto complete feature, the application automatically predicts or complete the words upon typing their initial letters, this is quite similar to what Netbeans and Dreamweaver has been using since years. Auto correction is quite similar, you can use it like spell check to know whether all the function that have been jotted down are correct or not!

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System Requirements:

  • Windows XP (SP3) or greater. Both 32 bit and 64 bit OS are supported.
  • At least P4 processor is required, for better performance use dual core CPU.
  • 2 GB RAM is least requirement.
  • 6 GB free space for installation.
  • Screen resolution of 1024×768 is least requirement.