There are more than one million apps for Android on the Google Play Store, due to which many of us kills our boredom using them.You can download and test different apps for hours and even days, if you have nothing to do.Many of those apps are not much popular, while lots of them have become a part of our lives.Such apps include Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, Pixlr, YouTube and Viber.These are just examples of some of the coolest apps available in the store.Although many of these apps are only available for android but have you wonder if you can play Android games on your windows PC.Well, there are many of us wondering the same.So, in this post, I am going to show you “How to Run android games on windows XP / 7 / 8 PC or MAC”.

Before moving any further, I want to clear that all the 5 methods which I listed here are android emulation methods.Which means we are going to use a client to run Android Games and apps on PC and MAC.All the emulators are completely legal and there are no copyright issues on using them.


Android games on pc

Bluestacks Android App Player is considered as the most powerful and popular Android emulator, which is available for PC as well as MAC in the official website.It uses a very nice, eye-catching and easy-to-use interface, using which you can easily install and play Android Apps and games on PC.It not only allows you to install an app from the app store, but also adds apk file support on your PC, by which each and every apk file gets opened by Bluestacks.

Bluestacks was originally developed by an Indian accidentally.Actually her daughter asked him to play Android games when he did not got the phone.From there, he got an idea to make an Android client for PC
But at that time, he did not had to popularize that app and make it open source.After sometime, when he got many positive review, he made a whole new brand using Bluestacks, which is now also known to be a gaming console manufacturer.
Bluestacks’ website allows use you to choose from windows or MAC versions, after that it will provide you an online installer which is small in size.But the problem comes when it starts downloading as it takes much time to get finished.
This happens to huge size of this emulator (more than 100 mb), and that is obvious, as it is an Android app player and Android is one the biggest mobile operating system.
How to play android games on windows using bluestacks
  1. Download bluestacks offline installer to get Bluestacks. You have the direct link in the beginning and in the end of this article (Green button).
  2. Install the app player after the download.
  3. Now, you are ready to run games and apps on your PC.For this, you have two options.Either you can download your app directly from the app store inside the bluestacks, or you can get an apk file from somewhere and double click on it to install it in Bluestacks.

Use GenyMotion To Run Android Games on PC, Computer

Android games on pc

Genymotion is an upgraded of old and well known emulator-Android VM.The main aim of the developers before bringing it to existence was to increase the emulation experience of android apps at that time as at that time, there were only default emulator, which had some limits affecting the app performance.It also allows you to connect to a wifi, from inside only and supports GPS too.

One of the biggest advantage of this emulator is that, it is available for linux too.To get GenyMotion, follow these steps:

  • Download the installer from this link
  • Install the app player
  • Start playing games in it

Jar Of Beans

Android games on pc

This emulator is based on Android’s famous Jellybean Operating system, which is very fast, smooth and stable, when it comes to performance.It provides a bunch of virtual buttons to increase volume, create virtual SD cards and install apks.Back in initial days of its existence there were no app store integrated with it.But now this android emulator for windows comes with inbuilt Goolge Play Store, using which you can easily download and install Android games in it.It also supports hardware acceleration to improve your gaming performance.

Youwave Android Emulator

Its an another Android emulator which is also come with integrated Google play Store, but I would not recommend this, not because lack of features or due to low performance, but because its not free.

play Android games on Computer
And buying it will definitely don’t make any sense, especially when you have better clients than it.


Android games on pc

I am listing this app lastly, as it may seem wired to you.Actually, its totally different from all emulators, even its not an emulator in a correct way.

It is an operating system, which can be installed in your PC or laptop computer.After isntalling it, you can easily Play Android Games on PC.So, that was the list of procedures, using which you can easily Run Android Apps on PC.If you have any questions, feel free to sk in the comments below.